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Course Materials

Below are the materials for courses I have taught as instructor of record at UCSB.

LING 20: Language and Linguistics (Summer 2014)

PDF versions all course materials can be downloaded below. You can download each item individually, or you can download everything here.

Week 1
Lectures: Introduction, Phonetics 1, Phonetics 2, Phonetics 3
Activities: Quiz 1, Quiz 2, (Quiz 10), Assignment 1, Section Activity 1
Week 2
Lectures: Phonology 1, Phonology 2, Morphology 1, Morphology 2
Activities: Quiz 3, Quiz 4, Assignment 2, Section Activity 2
Week 3
Lectures: Word Classes 1, Word Classes 2, Syntax 1, Syntax 2/Midterm Review
Activities: Quiz 5, Quiz 6, (Quiz 9), Assignment 3, Section Activity 3, Midterm Study Guide
Week 4
Lectures: Language Change 1, Language Change 2, Typology
Activities: Midterm, Quiz 12, (Quiz 13),  Section Activity 4, Assignment 4
Week 5
Lectures: Semantics, Psycholinguistics, Language Acquisition 1, Language Acquisition 2
Activities: Quiz 7, Quiz 14, (Quiz 15), Assignment 5, Section Activity 5,
Week 6
Lectures: Fry’s Planet Word: Identity, Sociolinguistics 1, Sociolinguistics 2, Final Review
Activities: Final Study Guide, Quiz 11, (Quiz 8), Final Exam

Notes: All files were made in LaTeX, except for quizzes which were made in Moodle. Some multimedia (videos, etc.) may not be supported. Quizzes are based based on material from the textbook How Languages Work by Carol Genetti (2014), and are numbered according to each chapter. Those in parentheses were assigned as extra credit, and contain material not covered in lecture.

You can contact me if you would like answer keys for the the exams, quizzes, or assignments. You can also contact me for the original .tex files for the lecture slides, exams, or assignments, or if you would like access to any of the multimedia. Please cite me and/or Genetti (2014) as appropriate if you use any of these materials.

Writing 2: Academic Writing (Fall 2014, Winter 2015, Spring 2015)

PDF versions of the Spring versions of the syllabus and assignment instructions can be downloaded below. You can contact me if you would like additional worksheets, lesson plans, course readings, or the original .tex files.

Syllabus, Writing Project 1, Writing Project 2, Writing Project 3

Teaching Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy can be summed up with this xkcd comic.

Teaching Assistantships

Fun fact: I’ve TA’d for two Jeopardy! contestants, Brendan and Bob!

These are the courses for which I graded homework, lead discussion sections, or otherwise helped the instructor or professor. Course descriptions can be found here.

LING 132: Language, Gender, and Sexuality (Spring ’14, Summer ’12)
LING 137: Introduction to First Language Acquisition (Winter ’14)
LING 136: African American Language and Culture (Fall ’13)
LING 70: Language in Society (Spring ’13, Spring ’12)
LING 138: Language Socialization (Winter ’13)
LING 107: Introduction to Phonology (Winter ’12)
LING 20: Language and Linguistics (Summer ’11)

An (incomplete) list of resources for linguists

Unless otherwise specified, I am not affiliated with these resources, I do not profit from advertising them, and I cannot control the content of these websites. I do, however, generally use and endorse them.

  • UCSB LingClub – A website I created for UCSB undergraduates. Although some information is only relevant to UCSB, there are general resource pages with information about careers in linguistics as well as resources for doing homework and researching linguistics.
  • LINGUIST List – A central hub for finding out about upcoming conferences, new publications, job and internship postings, summer school opportunities, and more.
  • TypeIt – Type in IPA, mathematical symbols, Russian, Greek, or symbols.