I bought one of the best GPUs I could get for under $100. I determined this by using the benchmarks per dollar chart here and by watching Black Friday sales closely. I did not determine which GPU I should buy based on anything other than the above, and the games I wanted to play, and whether it fit my motherboard. Okay, so I did my research, I just didn’t take into account I’m running Linux and not Windows.

Big mistake.

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I know I promised to buy Never Alone on release day, but as it turns out, none of the gaming systems or computers I own can play it. Waiting for Black Friday sales to bulk up this thing.

In the meantime, Happy Wugsgiving!


Thanks to PCPartPicker, NewEgg’s tutorials, and the BuildAPC reddit, I learned a lot about computers in the last month, which culminated in me building a little Linux machine, so I can learn Linux!! Yay! Click through for pics! :)

Building a computer is something I’d wanted to do since I was a kid, and learning Linux is something I’ve been interested in doing for the past few months. So this was an awesome experience and a lot of fun! I’m already wanting to build another one, but I guess I’ll have to wait. More »