You can read the wugology privacy policy below. Basically, I require an email address or WordPress account for comments to prevent spammers. I don’t use or have access to your personal data. Third-party software, like Google AdSense and Google Analytics, tracks certain things about my users. This means I have a general idea of how many people from what regions are reading my blog, but I can’t possibly find out where you live or what your real name is by using this information. This also means you might see some custom advertisements based on your browsing history. I don’t have control over these ads or access to the information which generates them.

If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact me via email at 

You either need a WordPress account or a valid email address to comment on posts or send a message to the webmaster at wugology. You can optionally include things like your name or other personal information in these comments. Your email address will never be publicly posted (unless you post it yourself), and I won’t use this information for anything other than replying to your messages and comments.

By visiting wugology (and most other websites), your log files are recorded. These log files include things like your IP address, your ISP (your internet service provider, like Verizon or Comcast), what type of browser you use (like Firefox or Chrome), the date and time you browsed the website, how many clicks you made, how you got to wugology, and where you went after you left wugology. None of this information is personally identifiable. In other words, I (the webmaster of wugology) cannot look at your IP address and find out where you live or what you bought on last week. This information is used for analytics. For example, I can track how many people visited each post to gauge how popular my posts are. I can also see if my posts are more popular in certain regions of the world.

Third-party software not controlled by wugology, however, can use your cookies (your internet browsing data). For example, Google AdSense uses the DART cookie to create custom ads for all internet users. This means that if you were browsing headphones on last week, advertisements for headphones might appear when you visit wugology. I (the webmaster of wugology) do not have control of the content of the ads, or which ads appear. If an ad is particularly offensive or irrelevant, you can contact me and I will try to prevent that company from advertising here again.

Wugology does not have access or control over the cookies and information used by this third-party advertising software. You can prevent third-party software from accessing your information by disabling cookies on your browser via “Options”, “Settings”, or “Preferences”. You can also find out more information about the DART cookie, including opting out of it, by visiting Google’s Privacy Policy Page.

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