First off, this game is the amazing love child of Skyrim and Ocarina of Time. It’s beautiful and peaceful. It allows you to creatively solve puzzles. It rewards off-the-beaten path exploration.

But I have one problem with it. Small spoilers below (although the game’s been out six months, and almost everything below is discernible from the trailers).

I really disagree with this method of measuring completeness (which is the official one).

Everything shouldn’t be worth 0.08%. 72% completion for just finding korok seeds is absurd. Finding a korok seed is not the same as taming a Divine Beast. Taming a Divine Beast is a huge plot point. It’s almost the entire point of the story. Ditto for memories, and quests. Meanwhile, korok seeds are so common, and so insignificant to the plot. And it’s redundant to be rewarded for “discovering” a location and then rewarded again for finding the korok seeds there. If you find all the korok seeds, you’ve necessarily found all the locations in the game as well. Climbing towers is difficult, especially early on when you do not have much stamina and there are enemies shooting at you. That should be rewarded. There should be a weighted scale. I propose something like this:

Beasts 5% each (total: 20%)
Shrines .25% each (total: 30%)
Main quest: .5% each (total: 7.5%)
Side quest: .1% each (total: 7.6%)
Towers: .1% each (total: 1.4%)
Memories: .2% each (total: 3.6%)
Korok seeds: .033% each (total: ~30%)

I know this doesn’t exactly add up to 100% but it’s close and feels more in line with how I felt playing the game. On the “official” scale, I was barely 42% complete after over 100 hours of game play (mostly because I’d only found around 200 korok seeds). On my scale, a normal person could get a 70% “passing grade” completion rate in 100 hours or less.


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